The 5C Model of Pricing Transformation

Instructor: Stephan Liozu, PhD

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As a Ph.D. candidate, Stephan Liozu studied the organizational and behavioral factors influencing the firm transformation towards pricing excellence. Pricing excellence combines both dimensions of pricing orientation and pricing realization leading to superior pricing power and ultimately to superior firm performance.

The results of his research investigations suggest that this transformation requires deep organizational change and a unique architectural design combining of 5 organizational C’s: change capacity, championing behaviors, capabilities, organizational confidence and center-led pricing management. Firms that underwent this transformation required an organizational mobilization that would last an average of 4 to 7 years. Pricing excellence is a journey and not a destination. Pricing requires continuous investments, sustained management attention, and dynamic capabilities.

ARDEX Americas has embarked in the transformation journey in the middle of 2008 under the leadership of Stephan Liozu and is still on going. While developing the 5 C’s model towards pricing excellence, he was able to pilot and test this framework at ARDEX Americas.

During this Online Course, Stephan Liozu will briefly introduce and review each element of the transformational model as well as present the ARDEX Americas transformation case study. He will introduce the various steps of this transformation, how the journey is going and what lies ahead.

Pricers will learn:

  • Introduction to new and exciting findings from academic research on how to transform an organization to reach pricing excellence
  • Introduction to each of the organizational factors and theoretical and empirical data will be presented to support the framework
  • Discover practical ways and tips to make this transformation successful
  • Discover the CEO perspective on the importance of pricing and of having the right pricing orientation

Duration: 205 minutes

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