The Sales Team and Pricing Success

Instructor: George Cressman

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So you’ve built a really good value based pricing strategy. You’ve identified your customer targets, and you’ve figured out your value delivery. But now you’ve hit a major road block – your sales team just doesn’t seem interested in implementing the pricing strategy. How can you get your sales team to make your pricing strategy successful?

In this online course, we’ll show you how to develop a sales force that effectively implements value based pricing strategies. We’ll discuss the tools needed for the Sales Team to pursue your value based pricing strategy:

     –The Four Critical Roles for the Sales Team: Discover customer needs from a value perspective and customer buying behaviors, Structure an appropriate offering with customer choices, Communicate value, and Negotiate to eliminate price concessions.

     –The Four Essential Tools Marketing Must Supply the Sales Team: Appropriate Customer Targets, Offering-Price Menus, Negotiation Steps, and Price Structure.

As we develop the tools for value based pricing strategy, we’ll show you how to enlist your Sales Team in implementing your value based pricing strategy.

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